Bundl Heated Sleeping Bag

World's First Smart Electric-Heated Sleeping Bag... Because Sleeping Cold Sucks.


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The Last Sleeping Bag You'll Ever Need.

Instant Warmth that Lasts Throughout the Night

           The BUNDL HEAT PANELS 

           incorporate a unique heating solution that is lighter and more efficient than traditional methods.  Instead of copper wiring, we use a patented carbon fiber heating material that is super lightweight, waterproof, comfortable, and seamlessly integrated,

One Bag Ranging From 40° to -10°

            The BUNDL BAG is your all

            season, every condition sleeping bag.  No need for your summer 40° bag, your cooler night 30° bag, your edge of season 15° bag, and your winter 0° or -10° bag...   You can feel confident that with just ONE bag you can stay warm and cozy.

Power-up Bag and Control Temp through Your Phone

             With the BUNDL APP, you

             can use your mobile device to connect to your Bundl bag to power on the heat while you're still not quite ready for bed so your bag is toasty warm when you crawl inside, adjust to your desired heat settings, and check your bag sleep temp stats.  

Climate Control As You Sleep

            The BUNDL SENSORS

             monitor and self-regulate the temp of the top, mid-section, and foot box of the bag so that your desired heat settings are perfect just like your home thermostat.


Responsibly Sourced Down
Water Resistant DWR coating

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